The Bennett Brothers have declared their own version of Country Music. Bringing the old styles of Classic Rock into their playing habits. This FOUR-piece band is currently living out their dreams of performing music.


    Lead Singer, Auston Bennett, was born and raised in the small town of Piedmont SC where he began pursuing music at a young age. He continues to show off his powerful and amazing voice every weekend during their gigs.


    Lead Guitar, Candler Bennett, has the same origin story as Auston. However, Candler developed a raw talent on the electric guitar and continues to impress our crowds with his unrealistic riffs. We call him “The Breeze”.


    Drummer, Cody Willis, was born in Seneca SC and has had rhythm since the day he was born. He’s the most comfortable when he’s behind a set of drums and has a passion for putting on a show


    Bass Guitar, Carlos Garcia, was born in Greenville SC and has always had a Ear for music. The tone and energy he brings to the band is never unnoticed